Precious CARGO

Right now at you can find a plethora of CARGO product steals. I have yet to find an answer to my question, "Are they going out of business?!". My spendy sense tell me yes.

CARGO Lip Gloss Duo $10.00(Original price $20.00)

CARGO Botanical Lipsticks $10.00(Original price $20.00)
CARGO PlantLove™ Lipstick provides sheer color that is completely natural and contains a high-organic content. The innovative formula is infused with rich added-care ingredients and is housed in eco-certified packaging. Smooth and silky, it conditions and colors your pout to pucker perfection.

What makes this product even more amazing? CARGO will donate two dollars from the sale of every shade to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

CARGO Eyeshadow Pallet $14.00(Original price $28.00)

CARGO Water Resistant Bronzer $14.00(Original price $28.00)
CARGO Water Resistant Bronzer is specifically formulated to help maintain a gorgeous bronze glow that stays put rain or shine. The specialized formula contains a unique silicone-coated talc that provides better adhesion to the skin and withstands water and perspiration. This bronzer offers a universally flattering medium bronze shade and micronized light diffusers work to ensure a gorgeously natural, non-shiny glow.


Steal Sighting:
$6.50 (Original price $26.00)
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What it does: Who needs makeup when you've got tan-i-tude? This bronze facial tint adds sun-free color to your complexion with a silky smooth finish. Easy to apply and wash off, this formula is the quickest way to create a custom tan.


Steal Sighting: $10.00 ($54 Value)

Lust Dusters Trio - Moon Doggie, Big Daddy, GoGo Girl

What it is: A special collection of three shimmering loose powders for the eyes and face.

What it does: This collection of three shimmering loose powders for eyes and face adds a luminous glow to your features. Dust on the lids for totally showoff eyes or apply to cheekbones for an irresistible touch of glimmer. Go ahead, girl...dust on lust!

This set contains:
- Moon Doggie (mint green shimmer)
- Big Daddy (bronze shimmer)
- GoGo Girl (pale pink shimmer)

I love Benefit's showoff shadows for a few good reasons: high pigmentation, long lasting and easy to work with(wet & dry). Big Daddy & GoGo Girl can double as highlighters on cheek bones over blush or bronzer. Just dab your fan brush in the lid, lightly dust cheek bones and voila, epic glam.


Ceal the deal

I was elated when I heard Hard Candy was moving over to Wally World with a new recession friendly line, despite the inkling that the quality would lessen along with the price. Unforch, I was right, the quality is mediocre at best. The stand out product for me:

Hard Candy Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette, Fair. $8.00

I wish the texture was a little thicker but I love that I can mix these shades together to conceal a variety of problem areas on my face & under eye. On my next late night meander through Walmart I plan to swoop up a few of Hard Candy's nail polishes. You and I both know those plastic rings on top are awesome.


Blast From the Past:

1952.Times may have changed but I think you ladies still be workin' it.