Long Lashes Without the BackLash

TALIKA Lash Extender, $28
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When a couple girlfriends of mine told me about this product, I got so excited I nearly developed a twitch. Could it be? The solution to lengthening without all the fuss of fake lashes? Don't get me wrong, I love a fake pair as much as the next broad but this product seriously gives fake lashes a inferiority complex.

How to use:

-Simply apply your first coat of mascara per usual.
-Brush the TALIKA fiber wand over mascara while still wet. Pat the applicator on the external tips of your eyelashes. Look downwards when applying the to ensure no fibers fall into the eyes.
-Fibers attach to mascara to thinken and lengthen.
-Apply second coat and voila!


-Gives the appearance of natural looking eyelashes and smoothly adheres to the eyelashes after applying one coat of mascara.
-Fibers lengthen eyelashes producing spectacular results.
-Presented as classical mascara with a round brush, to allow for precise dosage and targeted application.

I know the $28 bucks seems steep, especially in this economy, but I would estimate this product lasting a minimum of a year (if applied every day). A little goes a long LONG way.

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