Currently seeking 12 step group for addiction to Etsy. I was meandering around there when I realized, I wonder if there are any small makeup companies on here? Booyahkasha.

I came across Orglamix and the next thing I knew I had two of their eye shadows on the way to my mailbox. Before receiving the products I thought, ‘what the hell they are inexpensive’ (Less that $12 for two shadows with shipping, I got one on sale) but I expected them to be like Bare Minerals which I am not usually too big a fan of because they fall all over the face and that just irritates me more than Celine Dion. I promptly received my order within a few days and was extremely pleased with the result. They are loose powder but highly pigmented, easy to work with and organic. Now I’m not the crunchiest person in the world but if organic is an option, I will take it. I like to mix things up sometimes and use a damp angle brush with loose powder shadows and apply in replacement of eyeliner. Plus, how can you argue with the cost($4.99)? You can’t. Just try…. Nope, fail.





I will definitely be trying some of the other products they offer in the future.


  1. I would love to so a tutorial on how you apply eyeshadow. This looks great! I'm still intimidated by darker colors! I mainly stick with neutrals for eyeshadow or just a simple liner.

  2. Becky, I have had a few requests for tutorials and I plan on doing one in the next few weeks!
    Darker colors CAN be very intimidating, but fun for going out and special events. I like to play at home (like before I take my shower at night) and see what works first. Half the fun is experimenting for me :) Thanks for the comment!

  3. I totally agree. I never used to use any liner or shadow because I was scared I'd look silly but then started playing around with it and now I LOVE doing my make-up! I love your blog! :)

  4. Thank you so much! It is still a "work in progress" so I appreciate that!