Zac Posen for Target

In 8 years from tiny studio to world wide coverage, Zac Posen joins the group of fashion gods who have designed a signature line for Target. When meandering through my Target (yep, its mine alone) I stopped in my tracks upon seeing Zac's name. I knew his line was coming but I had forgotten (nish nish) and was just as impressed as I thought I would be. Here are my favorite looks:
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Oy, ya'll. This week has been CRAZAY-sauce. Not only did I do makeup two Brides (and wedding party) this past Saturday but I also helped my talented husband cater his first wedding. Pictures, blogs & all 'dat goodshiz to follow. In addition to work we are in the middle of packing and preparing to move into our new HOUSE. Shaaaa-wing! (9 days.)

I am still stalking Craigslist and local antique/thrift stores in search of the perfect furniture for the new place but I have found some really awesome websites as well. Right now, I am finding a ton of awesome stuff at CSN. Basically it is a huge Mega-Store website that hosts over 150 specialty stores for different home departments such as Bar furniture, Home Decor, stuff for Babies & kids, etc. The one problem...getting packing done when you have so much stuff to look at. 

OH! My newest find for the house? A vintage 60's chair for our study/office. It is an awesome electric blue color that I just want to hump. 

$50 bones on Craigslist from some guy addicted to Survivor living in a trailer. Match made in heaven.

 Also? Since we are getting to know each other so well, maybe we should get firmiliar with eachothers Twatters....? Too soon?


Newest Collection from M.A.C: Prêt-à-Papier

"Craft-paper couture - an inspired idea cut like a pattern and whipped up into a seamless spectrum of parchment-to-vellum beiges with an occasional, clever colour spill, coral among the most au courant. Avec Prêt-à-Papier, a new couture star is born!" -M.A.C


Treasure Hunt.

I have been digging at some local thrift stores to find some little gems for our new place. I just have to say, thrift stores are out of control. There is no way that a couch that is equivalent to a couch on the "free" section of craigslist should be priced $200. They should 'prolly stop smoking crack. /rant

Anyways I was able to find a few things:
Bad ass ice bucket for our "cocktail bar"

Jars (I think from Ikea?) for random stuff my husband cooks with.
Oh, and look how cute Jude is. 

Hopefully I will have more finds to share with you soon!
Happy Earth Day!


Legally Bronze.

Skin: Philosophy Miracle Worker moisturizer, Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle eye cream.

Foundation: Dermablend Smooth Indulgence, Meteorites powder for face (beige chic 03).

Brows: Tarte the toolbox: brow know-how Brow Set, Dark

Cheeks: *Benefit's Hoola powder (contour) & *Benefit's High Beam liquid luster

Eyes: Concealer Base (MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC20), 
Model&Co eyeliner in back (waterline & rim of eye) 
*Benefit's Gilded pencil (blended from crease to brow and circumference of lash line)
*Benefit's Hoola powder in place of shadow
and in white Model & Co eyeliner (highlight under brow).

Lashes: *Benefit's Bad Gal Brown 

Lips: Givenchy's lip gloss in 04 Rose Taboo

*These items are from Benefit's Legally Bronze value set now at Sephora


four two oh

This goes out to 1995:


Homeward bound.

Okay, so the majority of my blog will most likely consist of makeup & fashion but right now I have only one thing on my brain: home decor. Of course, right in the middle of trying to fix up our apartment/spring clean we find the perfect house for my little family. Trust, I am not complaining, but isn't that always works? As soon as you stop whining about something and accept it, life deems you worthy of an upgrade.

Right now my mind is a sea of ideas and one positive but weird part about my husband...he has opinions. For those of you who know Michael IRL you may be surprised to hear this. "Michael!?" You say. Yes. If the man wasn't a Chef he would be Clinton & Tim Gunn's effing love child. So not only do I have to try and make my indecisive, fried Mom-brain figure out what direction to go in, I have to get the approval from Michael Mizrahi. Even more annoying 99% of the time his ideas are better than mine.

So I leave you with a request, tell me about what you are into right now! Where do you get ideas for your home? Right now my main inspirations have been apartmenttherapy , Ikea hackerohdeedoh, etc. Any input is greatly appreciated. I can't wait to share what we create when we are done! Have a fabulous week betch.

My favorite find so far- these Liberty of London for Target Hatboxes, $5.99!


Shop it like its hawt.

Yet another reason to sign up to be a "Beauty Insider" at Sephora


April 13th 2010 Update

Please excuse the slow-nass around here the past week and a half or so. First it was my husband & I's birthday week, then Easter & now we are in the middle of redecorating our house/spring cleaning. I am alive and putting on mass amounts of makeup per usual (exhale) and will return to my regularly schedule rambles soon, pinky swearz.

So, look forward to pictures of the new decor soon! In the mean time, may I bribe you with a picture of my adorable son? Yes? Good. Smoochies.



Brush it off.

Steal sighting! Professional 12 piece vegan synthetic brush set by Bathhouse Naturals 70% off right now on Amazon! Not only is this an amazing deal but these kinds of brushes are great for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. 
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 All Synthetic  Vegan Approved Makeup Brush set includes:
* 7.75 inch large oval fluff brush
* 7.5 inch medium oval fluff brush
* 7.5 inch angled oval fluff brush
* 7.5 inch large shadow brush
* 7.5 inch medium shadow brush
* 7.5 inch small shadow brush
* 8 inch fan brush
* 7 inch large lip brush
* 7 inch medium lip brush
* 7 inch small lip brush
* 7.5 inch brow/lash brush
* 7.25 eyeshadow applicator tip
* Large synthetic leatherette brush case
Brush Handles made of wood


Orange you glad...

Skin: Philosophy Miracle Worker moisturizer, Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle eye cream.

Foundation: Dermablend Smooth Indulgence, Meteorites powder for face (beige chic 03).

Brows: Tarte the toolbox: brow know-how Brow Set, Dark

Eyes: Concealer Base (MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC20), Lancome eye shadows: Daylight (matte white), Strappy Sandles (soft shimmery pink) & Wear it Well (matte plumb). Model&Co eyeliner in back (waterline & rim of eye) and in white Model & Co eyeliner (highlight under brow). 
Hourglass Superficial Lash Mascara in Carbon.
Concealer: MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20.

Cheeks: Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing powder.

Lips: MAC Lipstick Cream in Morange


Turning Japanese

New at Sephora:

"Mischief abounds in the magical world of tokidoki, where one glance is never enough. Creator and Italian artist Simone Legno brings his cult-favorite designs and colorful interpretation of life to a new makeup and accessories line that exposes the criminally cute and irresistibly edgy sides of beauty. Presented exclusively at Sephora, this Japanese-inspired collection captures the true spirit of tokidoki: Every day brings another opportunity to dream."

Prisma Lip Gloss $15