Oy, ya'll. This week has been CRAZAY-sauce. Not only did I do makeup two Brides (and wedding party) this past Saturday but I also helped my talented husband cater his first wedding. Pictures, blogs & all 'dat goodshiz to follow. In addition to work we are in the middle of packing and preparing to move into our new HOUSE. Shaaaa-wing! (9 days.)

I am still stalking Craigslist and local antique/thrift stores in search of the perfect furniture for the new place but I have found some really awesome websites as well. Right now, I am finding a ton of awesome stuff at CSN. Basically it is a huge Mega-Store website that hosts over 150 specialty stores for different home departments such as Bar furniture, Home Decor, stuff for Babies & kids, etc. The one problem...getting packing done when you have so much stuff to look at. 

OH! My newest find for the house? A vintage 60's chair for our study/office. It is an awesome electric blue color that I just want to hump. 

$50 bones on Craigslist from some guy addicted to Survivor living in a trailer. Match made in heaven.

 Also? Since we are getting to know each other so well, maybe we should get firmiliar with eachothers Twatters....? Too soon?


  1. w00t for electric blue! I bet that chair is quite satisfied that you now own it and it has the prospect of humpage from you. lucky chair! :D

    and I already follow your sweet ass on Twitter!!