Totally, Baby.

I don't know if any of you were as big of fans of Benefit's Maybe, Baby fragrance as I was, but when I heard they were pulling it of the shelves I shed a tiny tear. Sure you can still find it online but eventually, you wont. I think I loved it so much because it reminded me of when I worked for them (my first big makeup job) and I would wear it everyday at work. Also loved Bathina Gettin' Steamy body wash, that paired with Maybe Baby, we would use to wash brushes at night. Brushes have never smelled so heavenly.

 There is a point to this story, so bare with me as I am only on my first cup of coffee. So the other day I decided to get my son, Jude, a new type of bubble bath. I picked up Johnson & Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath & Wash. Upon opening the bottle I got a female boner. I was so excited because it smells EXACTLY how I remember Maybe Baby! I have been using every excuse I can to use it, even washing my hands with it. It is so calming and relaxing, perfect for summer. Also, about a third of the cost.

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