Seth Aaron's Marie Clare Photoshoot

I was slow to get on team Seth Aaron this past season of Project Runway, but after a few episodes I realized I loved him for two reasons 1. He is sweet as pie 2. He is talented as hell. Take a look at this behind-the-scenes video from Marie Clare ( featuring winning model Kristina Sajko) & photos from his spread in this months issue. I look forward to seeing what he does in the future.


  1. i loved seth aaron since the first day! i was in love with his yellow p coat with the belt he had at the finale at bryant park! he and anthony made this season worth watching! i hated mila! and emilio's stuff was a tranny mess! are you obsessedwith project runway like i am? LOL

  2. Omg. I ADORE Anthony. Too bad weren't as cute as he is. Yes, I am obsessed. Seeking a 12 step group for addiction ;)


    so true about his style. the other night i had the most craziest awesome dream. christian siriano was my best friend and we were walking in the mall pointing to things and saying everything was "FIERCE"!!! LOL

  4. Omg I love it!!

    Did you know Christian has a line of shoes at Payless?!

  5. ya i saw them, last seasons shoes were alright, i am not a fan of his shoes for this fall. they are kind of frightning. im not a fan of the curved heel :(