M.A.C Made in Heaven!

M.A.C & Disney lovers UNITE! Lucky for me I happen to love both. Yes, this is actually happening. Do not be alarmed. Squealing is perfectly acceptable.

Debuting September 30th M.A.C is releasing four collections inspired by 1937′s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Maleficent from 1959′s Sleeping Beauty, Cruella de Vil from 1961′s 101 Dalmations and Dr. Facilier from 2009′s The Princess and the Frog — MAC based the color stories on the original Disney character sketches and Pantone color guides.

Preview of the collections (!!!!!)

Image Source: Makeup & Beauty Blog

My son turns 1 the day before this collection comes out. I'm thinkin' this will soften the blow a bit :)

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