Wordless (Well, kinda) Weekend Wrap-up

I got one of the best surprises of my life this past Thursday. 

One of my dear friends Kelly was getting married in Seattle & I simply couldn't afford the ticket. I was bummed because Kelly has asked me to do her makeup AND my two besties were able to go, so I was even more sad at the thought of missing such a major life event for our little family of friends. Well, my friend April hears about how I can't afford to go from a friend and offers to pay for my ticket so I can go. Usually, I am not one who can accept a gift of that magnitude (due to a massive amount of pride when it comes to being able to "provide" for myself) but after talking with my husband and thinking about what a sweet and generous gift was being given, I accepted....under the condition that April lets me do her makeup for her wedding, funeral, bat mitzvah, quinceanera, etc.

The weekend was amazing, I was so thrilled & giddy like a 5 year old. I literally danced to "I'm so excited" in my kitchen.

See how epic our weekend was here:

Kelly was so freaking beautiful. She is such an amazing spirit that totally shines in every way. I was SO lucky to get the honor of doing her makeup on her big big day! So thank you to my wonderful friends, I love you guys!!!

Also, if you are curious we took Jude to the Zoo today :) 

How was your weekend?

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