Oh. Hell. No.

Dear Mondo,

YOU should have won. The end.

Love, Fancy 


One Dollah Make You Hollah!

Beauty doesn't always have to break the bank! I was cruising the aisles of Target (yes, I am a Target stalker) the other day when I walked by the Wet 'N Wild section in the beauty department. I started looking at some of their lipsticks (which are only .94 cents) when I pondered whether or not they were a total bust. In high school, the first red-red lipstick I ever wore was from Wet 'N Wild (Hot Red) and I was obsessed with it, in fact I still have a tube of it that I wear when I'm feeling nostalgic. So I decided to try another shade just for fun. I ended up with Sunset Peach 516C. Matte coral lipstick is much more in season this fall but a little bit of shimmer never hurt me. Especially with clear gloss over top.
So for all the lipstick scaredy-cats out there: just give it a TRY. What is there to lose? A dollar. 
You will recover, I swear.

What is everyone up to for Halloween this year? I'm throwing a party with my bestie on Saturday night and Sunday (Halloween) we are taking Jude trick-or-treating at a local shopping center. Then, my husband (Michael) and I will be those over-eccentric-weirdos who sit in the front of the house in chairs with a big bucket of candy and watch all the cute little kids have fun.


Sephora's Friends & Family Sale Begins Today!!!

 {Ya, my kid is cute.}

RUN do not walk. Well, the sale is online-only so I suppose I should say CLICK do not not-click? Wow, that is even lamer than it sounded in my head. What I am trying to say is...


You know a girl like myself wouldn't joke about something so serious. I mean, its like Christmas but no one from my side of the family gets arrested.
So what does this mean?! It means now through November 3rd 2010 your sweet-sale-loving-ass can click over to Sephora and get TWENTY percent off your order. In addition, if you order $50 or more you can (like usual) get FREE SHIPPING and THREE free samples per order.  

This comes at such a perfect time to stock up on Holiday Sets, gifts for others and of course, gifts for yourself! This is how the conversation just went with my husband:

Me: Hey Baaaaabbbeeeeeee?
Husband: Ya.
Me: Sephora is having their Friends & Family sale, which means an extra 20% off and they like NEVER do this and like I need some stuff and like it would be really cool if like (I say "like" a lot when nervous)....
Husband: That's fine.

Now is it clear why I adore this man?



Lanvin for H&M

"The next few weeks are bound to be long ones for die-hard fashionistas: First images from Lanvin's line for H&M have hit the web, but the much-ballyhooed collaboration doesn't go on sale until November 23rd. Four styles have been making the rounds: an asymmetrical cocktail dress, a tuxedo jacket, a trench, and a sleeveless dress covered in fabric folds. Each recalls recent Alber Elbaz designs as much as timeless Parisian staples. For better or worse (depending on whether you're H&M or an eager shopper), the clothes are practically guaranteed to send lines spiraling out of control come November. Not since Karl Lagerfeld's handiwork for the Swedish retailer has H&M hit the mark so dead center."-Black Book
So, our Mall kinda burnt down today. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but it isn't looking good. If hundreds of peoples jobs isn't enough reason to re-build the mall quickly, I'd say this is as good a reason as any. And... let's just say that if Sephora is damaged, some damn heads are going to roll people. 

Here are some previews of the pure-awesomeness that is to come:


Rock & Republic Couture Cosmetics

Happy Hump Day!
Remember me talking about Beauty Ticket a little bit ago? Well, here is another reason to check them out. Rock & Repbulic Couture Cosmetics now on sale! It is a VIP sale, so you must become a member of their website first (Why not? Its free!). 

Cruise over to Beauty Ticket for more details!

In other news, a few friends & I have decided to try and keep each other accountable, encourage and support one another to work out more! We have decided Wednesday is now officially WORKOUT WEDNESDAY (Aren't we cute?!)! Of course, Wednesday is not the only day I workout, but it is fun knowing you are sharing goals with others. It has been just about six months now since I have committed myself to living a healthy lifestyle. I am really starting to notice the difference physically and the benefits emotionally are indescribable! 

Here is my Workout Wednesday Music Mix for this week!

 All photos copyright of and Rock & Republic Couture Cosmetics.


Perfectly Pretty!

Who is ready for more amazing Holiday sets? This girl!!
Everyday this week, Too Faced will be announcing a new set for Holiday! You can follow Too Faced on Twitter to stay up to date. I loved Too Faced not only because they have some effective products but their merchandising and packaging is always so freaking adorable. I nerd-out for anything pin-up-ish (yes...that is totally a word...).
  Kit includes: Deluxe Primed & Poreless, Deluxe Lash Injection Mascara, Deluxe Shadow Insurance, in an adorable, travel-friendly pink and black makeup bag!
Also? How frickin' adorable is this Glamor-To-Go (Fairy edition) Kit {$19.50}?! (Side note: fairy stuff usually creeps me the eff out. It reminds me of WT people in Wal Mart wearing Tinkerbell shirts. Am I alone here?)
Color: Eyes: Pink, London Calling, Champagne Sparkle, Golden Black, Matte Brown, Warm Gold, Peach Pink Shimmer, Vintage Blue. Blush: Fairy Rose. Lips: Fairy Wings.

I see on the website that Too Faced is also offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more! 

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekend was fantastic :)


Show Pony

About a month ago I made a trip to Sephora (not to be confused with the holy land) to pick up a few things for a client when I couldn't stop myself from buying Urban Decay's Show Pony Shadow Box ($30).
The palette contains:

- Snatch Eyeshadow (peachy-pink with glitter)
- Painkiller Eyeshadow (turquoise shimmer)
- Mildew Eyeshadow (deep green)
- Flash Eyeshadow (electric purple)
- Smog Eyeshadow (deep bronze)
- Toasted Eyeshadow (copper)
- 24/7 Eye Pencil: Zero (black)
- Eyeshadow Primer Potion. 

I've always really liked Urban Decay's eye shadows so I knew I would be pleased with the colors and pigmentation. I like that it contains really pretty golden tones which can be worn easily for day but also has a few crazier amped up shades which are fun for going out or just spicing up life.
The shade I have used the least is definitely "Snatch" (top left) due to the fact it has bigger specs of glitter in it and I haven't been a fan of glitter since 2001. No offense glitter. And while I really do like Urban's eyeshadow primers, I gotta say that I think that Benefit's Stay Don't Stray is still better (in my humble opinion). One of my favorite day combinations has been pairing "Flash"(top right) with "Toasted" (bottom right). Although, I did have a fun time mixing "Painkiller" (bottom left) and "Flash" (top right) for a night out. Here are a few shots. Don't mind my un-did hair, okay?

All-in-all even after a month, I am still in love with this palette, I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend listening to this song during the application process:

HAPPY WEEKEND Fancy Friends!!!


Holiday {Celebrate!}

There is only one way to express how excited I am for Benefit's Holiday Sets this year:
2010 Benefit Holiday Sets are packed with so much awesome, it feels like a dream (yes, that kind of dream). Adorable AND affordable. Thank you Father Christmas.

Available now at Benefit!
All images copyright Benefit Cosmetics, LLC.