One Dollah Make You Hollah!

Beauty doesn't always have to break the bank! I was cruising the aisles of Target (yes, I am a Target stalker) the other day when I walked by the Wet 'N Wild section in the beauty department. I started looking at some of their lipsticks (which are only .94 cents) when I pondered whether or not they were a total bust. In high school, the first red-red lipstick I ever wore was from Wet 'N Wild (Hot Red) and I was obsessed with it, in fact I still have a tube of it that I wear when I'm feeling nostalgic. So I decided to try another shade just for fun. I ended up with Sunset Peach 516C. Matte coral lipstick is much more in season this fall but a little bit of shimmer never hurt me. Especially with clear gloss over top.
So for all the lipstick scaredy-cats out there: just give it a TRY. What is there to lose? A dollar. 
You will recover, I swear.

What is everyone up to for Halloween this year? I'm throwing a party with my bestie on Saturday night and Sunday (Halloween) we are taking Jude trick-or-treating at a local shopping center. Then, my husband (Michael) and I will be those over-eccentric-weirdos who sit in the front of the house in chairs with a big bucket of candy and watch all the cute little kids have fun.

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