Perfectly Pretty!

Who is ready for more amazing Holiday sets? This girl!!
Everyday this week, Too Faced will be announcing a new set for Holiday! You can follow Too Faced on Twitter to stay up to date. I loved Too Faced not only because they have some effective products but their merchandising and packaging is always so freaking adorable. I nerd-out for anything pin-up-ish (yes...that is totally a word...).
  Kit includes: Deluxe Primed & Poreless, Deluxe Lash Injection Mascara, Deluxe Shadow Insurance, in an adorable, travel-friendly pink and black makeup bag!
Also? How frickin' adorable is this Glamor-To-Go (Fairy edition) Kit {$19.50}?! (Side note: fairy stuff usually creeps me the eff out. It reminds me of WT people in Wal Mart wearing Tinkerbell shirts. Am I alone here?)
Color: Eyes: Pink, London Calling, Champagne Sparkle, Golden Black, Matte Brown, Warm Gold, Peach Pink Shimmer, Vintage Blue. Blush: Fairy Rose. Lips: Fairy Wings.

I see on the website that Too Faced is also offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more! 

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekend was fantastic :)

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