Asprin Face Mask

"I’ve been concocting face masks at home from random things I find in the fridge for years.  Throw a little oatmeal and honey together and voila, you have a sticky treat for your face that’s also good to eat.  Moving forward from such edible delights into more practical at home mixes happened a few years ago when my skin actually started requiring more maintenance than a splash a water here and there.

And this is where the aspirin face mask comes in.  Never heard of this?  It’s easy to make and leaves your skin looking surprisingly cheery and smooth.  Why?  Because the aspirin acts as an anti-inflammatory, calming whatever it is that ails you.  Also important to note is that aspirin contains acetyl-salicylic acid, which is widely used in cosmetics because it removes dead skin cells without clogging pores ( told me that little fun fact).

Here’s what to do…

Blog Images - dotTake 5 aspirin and crush them up
Blog Images - dotAdd a few drops of water until it turns into a paste
Blog Images - dotApply to your face but make sure to avoid your eyes
Blog Images - dotRemove after the paste is dry and falling off your skin
Blog Images - dotBe sure not to use this mask more than a few times a month" - Via The Lo Down

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