Homeward bound.

Okay, so the majority of my blog will most likely consist of makeup & fashion but right now I have only one thing on my brain: home decor. Of course, right in the middle of trying to fix up our apartment/spring clean we find the perfect house for my little family. Trust, I am not complaining, but isn't that always works? As soon as you stop whining about something and accept it, life deems you worthy of an upgrade.

Right now my mind is a sea of ideas and one positive but weird part about my husband...he has opinions. For those of you who know Michael IRL you may be surprised to hear this. "Michael!?" You say. Yes. If the man wasn't a Chef he would be Clinton & Tim Gunn's effing love child. So not only do I have to try and make my indecisive, fried Mom-brain figure out what direction to go in, I have to get the approval from Michael Mizrahi. Even more annoying 99% of the time his ideas are better than mine.

So I leave you with a request, tell me about what you are into right now! Where do you get ideas for your home? Right now my main inspirations have been apartmenttherapy , Ikea hackerohdeedoh, etc. Any input is greatly appreciated. I can't wait to share what we create when we are done! Have a fabulous week betch.

My favorite find so far- these Liberty of London for Target Hatboxes, $5.99!


  1. I like the Z gallery and they have really good sales. I love garage sale and flea market finds too. Watch 9 by design, they have awesome eclectic taste and they buy almost everything used.

  2. Thanks ya'll. I hit up some thrift stores today and didn't have much luck but I am still hopeful! :) I will check out Z Gallery.