Moving on up!

I have some exciting news to share! Fancy Face has went under the knife and unlike Heidi Montage, I think this will be for the better! I've been keeping two blogs for the past couple years, this one and a more private family blog that I started while I was pregnant with Jude. I have now decided to merge the two and combine into one super blog of sorts over at Wordpress (no offence Blogger, but Wordpress OWNS). So I hope you will join me in my new digs, with my new look (which I think you will enjoy).




The Nail Files: You Don't Know Jacques!

Polish Name: You Don't Know Jacques
Brand: OPI
Purchased At: Planet Beauty 
Cost: FREE (Go in store and show them that you "like" them on Facebook and receive a FREE OPI polish of your choice! Thank you to my girl Brittany for the tip!)
# Days before Chipping: 2
Overall Grade: B
I loveeee this shade! The reason for giving a B grade was that it did chip the day after painting my nails.


More Naked-ness :)

Ew, back to reality after a lovely long weekend! Hope you all had a good one :)

So, I've already shared with y'alls about my current addiction to nudity, but wanted to share some more looks to diversify your naked-ness. Yes, I'm still rambling about Urban Decay's Naked Palette and if you don't have it yet, consider yourself warned, it is habit forming. 
(Click to view larger) 
Virgin under-brows, Sin in crease & Sidecar on lower lid.

Virgin under-brow, Smog in crease & Dark Horse along lid and lash-line.


Rainy Day 2.0

Spent the day packing for our weekend trip to go visit my older brother and his girlfriend for their baby shower tomorrow. Although I will happily accept the sunshine back, I love simple snugly days at home with my BootyBear.


Rainy Day Rewind: Jude's Beatles Birthday Party

Aside makeup, nail polish, fashion, Hello Kitty, home decor, thrift store shopping and anything with bows, I have a newly found passion for cute parties. This came about when it was time to start planning our son, Jude's 1st Birthday party. I think I drove my husband nuts talking about it for approximately 3 months. After about 45 days of listening to me ramble, he started joining in the fun too and actually helped me come up with some great ideas for the party. I was pleasantly surprised when Jude's party was featured on OhdeedOh, one of my favorite blogs!

"My husband Michael & I had a hard time thinking of a theme for Jude's 1st birthday. We knew we wanted to do something a little different, but something that still represented Jude well. Since music and dancing is Jude's favorite pastime, we thought, why not! I mean, people often start singing The Beatles to us the instant they hear Jude's name. Michael is the head chef at an amazing Irish pub in Roseville, Ca called The Boxing Donkey and we were lucky enough to use the restaurant side to host Jude's big bash. It made for a fun atmosphere, the vibe of the party fit well with the location. The turntable cake was by Melyssa Tucey from The Boxing Donkey. Almost everything you see pictured I made by hand myself. It was very cost effective this way and much more personal to me than going on Etsy and paying someone else to do it for me. Since Jude's party was in October, I wanted to choose colors that would be easily accessible which made the tableware and decorations a lot more affordable. I made The Beatles cover album party hats by buying a pack of cheap party hats, taking one apart and tracing it to make a template, printed the album covers from our home printer and assembled from there. The "Jude" banner on our food table was made from actual "Hey Jude" sheet music. All the photos from the party were done by Jason Pryor. They can be viewed here."

{Click any picture to view larger}


Free Mini Stila Glamoureyes Mascara Now at Sephora!

Mini Stila Glamoureyes Mascara
FREE with any Order at Sephora
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URBN Launches New Wedding Brand

URBN, which is the parent company behind Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropologie, has expanded into a new market with a chain of bridal boutiques.
 "An understated word with significant meaning charmed us. And so began, BHLDN.
Inspired by the Dutch word for “to keep,” as well as countless tales from family and friends of the extraordinary weddings they’d been part of, we began dreaming up something new.
Our roots are with Anthropologie, so a passion for experience and creating one-of-a-kind moments runs deep. But our offering speaks more to the not-so-everyday occasions—ours is a voice that celebrates a woman’s most anticipated milestones. And one that gives tradition a twist. We want, more than anything, to help a woman create an event that reflects her own unique perspective… to a tee. We want to give a bride that edit she’s been searching for—with heirloom-quality wedding gowns, artisanal hair adornments, footwear, and lingerie. And we want happy bridesmaids—in mix-and-match frocks with rich hues and unexpected details. But it goes beyond the dress. Our goal, and the reason we drape, fold, bustle, and stitch, is to start a conversation with our customer—to build a resource where she can come to find inspiration and to share with those closest to her, as well as our broader coterie. BHLDN’s story is unfolding; and we’ll look to our customer for cues and guidance going forward. There are no checkboxes. No fill-in-the-blanks. On the contrary, we think a moment should be as layered and dimensional as the woman standing within it.
Be you. Be loved. BHLD"
{Click photos to view larger}

Happy {belated} Valentine's Day!

It's A Girl!!!
Visit {The Reeses} blog for full details (if interested). Hope your weekend was full of fun and love!


Becoming a Nudist

Since my Urban Decay Naked Palette arrived a few weeks ago, I have been addicted. I haven't used any other shadows since. Its been so fitting to my current (pregnancy induced) mood of love for simplicity. Also, I'm obsessed with simple shadow and bright coral lips. There is something about apricot gloss that really does it for me. The weather here has been so Spring-like that I've felt the need to break out some warm vibes in February. This day I was wearing Virgin to highlight under my brows, Sin on my lower lid and Sidecar in the crease.
(Click to view larger) 

Any fun plans for Valentine's Day? My husband Michael & I are looking forward to finding out the sex of our little bun in the oven :)


One Size Fits All

Why am I just discovering Z-palettes? This seriously solves so many of my traveling issues. Z-palette is a customizable magnetic makeup palette which allows you to hold shadows/blush/bronzer/whateverthefrickyouwant! from all different brands (in all different shapes and sizes) in one large palette. Well, lets be honest, I still need like 5 of these, but STILL. I feel like my life just got 75% cooler. Pathetic, really. Umm, and you guys?
There is a leopard print version.
Most importantly, a PINK version. Swoon.
Somewhat depicting how excited I am to discover this product.


Asprin Face Mask

"I’ve been concocting face masks at home from random things I find in the fridge for years.  Throw a little oatmeal and honey together and voila, you have a sticky treat for your face that’s also good to eat.  Moving forward from such edible delights into more practical at home mixes happened a few years ago when my skin actually started requiring more maintenance than a splash a water here and there.

And this is where the aspirin face mask comes in.  Never heard of this?  It’s easy to make and leaves your skin looking surprisingly cheery and smooth.  Why?  Because the aspirin acts as an anti-inflammatory, calming whatever it is that ails you.  Also important to note is that aspirin contains acetyl-salicylic acid, which is widely used in cosmetics because it removes dead skin cells without clogging pores ( told me that little fun fact).

Here’s what to do…

Blog Images - dotTake 5 aspirin and crush them up
Blog Images - dotAdd a few drops of water until it turns into a paste
Blog Images - dotApply to your face but make sure to avoid your eyes
Blog Images - dotRemove after the paste is dry and falling off your skin
Blog Images - dotBe sure not to use this mask more than a few times a month" - Via The Lo Down