I did it. I made a Christmas list.

So, my husband got mad at me the other day. He had his manties in a bunch because I told him I had ordered a couple gifts for him for Christmas. He says its "unfair" because I haven't told him anything that I want yet. Furthermore puzzling, I told him I didn't need any more makeup right now. Also, that I don't NEED anything. Which is true. I told him to quit chugging haterade and calm the eff down (like the loving wife I am). BUT I've decided to be "fair". So, here you go dear, a Christmas list. Love you. You're cute.

Speaking of cute...
Ya, we made that. Ridiculous.

Sorry, I get distracted easily.

Cozy house-shoes/slippers.
Old Navy Sweater-Knit Boots $15. These are really cute. You know I love anything pink :)

You can never have enough cute PJs.
George Women's Microfleece Pajama Set $10 available at WallyWorld. I like the pink set with black polka dots but couldn't find the picture. I don't know why but I've always wanted the cheesy matching pjs like this. Terrible? I promise not to wear them in public.

I'll never object to more headbands & bows. You already knew that, right?

Random silly things.
See's Candy. ZOMG.
Essie Winter 2008 collection Shifting Power Nail Lacquer 667, available at Amazon $3.75. Or any gold nail polish will do. Preferably without sparkles.


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  1. I love the slipper boots, especially the bright pink ones from Payless!