Sex & The City Two: A Review

I am warning up front: IF YOU DO NOT WANT ANY SPOILERS don't read this.

So today I got to take a break from life and settle in with old friends Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte & Samantha. As I sat anxiously awaiting for the movie to begin, I felt my heart racing. I wanted to jump from my seat and run up and down the rows of seats high-fiving people yelling things like, "Arn't you shitting yourself right now!?" I didn't. I sat very quietly nomming some gummies and behaved myself.

Overall, I was pleased with the movie- I mean, these are my girls, so any appearance they make in my life, I'm going to be pretty stoked about. I will admit that, like a child, I may have overseen some of the flaws others might find out of pure infatuation.

The opening I did feel was a little rough, like..."Huh? Stanford & Anthony? What is going on?" and I began to feel nerves. Also, was NOT a fan of the whole Carrie looking shmanny in a tux bit. I understand the outfit was most likely chosen for comical appeal but- this is S&TC- common' now.

Once the plot took off, I began to feel like I was catching up again with old pals, I began to be taken away on the magical adventure that was S&TC2. Sure, it was chalk full of cheese, but it still made me giddy.  I would have certainly liked to see more character development and more interaction with the girls and their families.

Also? The whole cheating/instant forgiveness bit seemed out of left field and awkward. It felt a little hard to believe that when you go off and kiss your ex you will be rewarded with a diamond ring. I get the tie in, but still, not a fan. Of course, with any column-turn-book-turn-series-turn-movie-1-turn-movie 2 there are bound to be a lot of disappointed people with high expectations. I get that. As much as I could pick apart the movie, I shall not, because while it was far from perfect, it still left me wanting more in the end.

Over all low points:

-Random Standford & Anthony wedding beginning.
-Samantha during the karaoke scene.
-The Carrie & Aden kiss. I'm sorry, I hated that part. I felt like I wanted to barf. 
-Lack of NYC in film.

Over all high points:

-Samantha throwing condoms at UAE conservative men.
-Abu Dhabi. GORGEOUS.
-Charlotte's Camel toe.
-Uhh, hello... the clothes!

Now lets talk turkey, or in this case, FASHION. There were a few fashion fails for me. Like previously mentioned, I was not fond of Carrie in a tux. Nor was I found of the hat she wore boarding the airplane or the "crown" she wore at the wedding. I just felt like these pieces were trying a little too hard and were lacking some elegance. The scene when the girls are about to go for a camel ride, I was a bit disappointed with the clothing choices, specifically on Charlotte and Miranda, not flattering AT ALL. What I found most surprising was that Miranda's outfits were my favorite overall.

Now, here are some photos of my favorite looks:

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