Weddings: Chris & Sara

When I was asked to do Sara's makeup on her wedding day I was instantly excited. Why? 1. She is really freaking awesome. 2. She is sooo laid back so I knew it was going to be fun. 3. I LOVE CHRIS & SARA. Sara wanted to keep things very simple, so we made a plan to use copper, bronze & gold tones on her eyes. As expected, she was stress free and laid back upon my arrival.  I especially loved the vibe to the entire day- care free yet elegant. Chris & Sara got married in one of their neighbors backyards, which as you can tell from the photos below...not too shabby.Another cool twist to being a part of this wedding- my husband (Michael, aka pretty much the funniest and most lovable human being ever to walk this earth) was the cater. Let my fat ass be an indication to what kind of chef he is. Words really cannot describe his talent and passion. I am a very lucky woman. Unfortunately, Chris & Sara's wedding photographer was/is the worlds biggest douche and DID NOT SHOW UP. So pretty much 5 minutes before Sara walked down the aisle Chris looks at me and goes, "Alright, I guess you are our photographer" and that was that :) Which was pretty cool because I got to use my new camera all day! 

Here are some highlights of the day:

The beautiful Bride.

The happy couple.
Enjoying Michael's delicious cuisine.

Probably the BEST wedding cake I have ever tasted. For serious. Almost every guest had 3 pieces.

This is my adorable husband, Michael. 

Thank you so much to Chris & Sara for letting us be a part of your lives and your special day!

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