Ask Fancy: Like a Virgin.


"I have no idea, and I mean no idea how to apply makeup. Is there a
makeup for dummies out there? I'm tired of just eyeliner being my
morning routine. I also have some acne scaring, and some current
issues and cannot seem to find anything to cover them, or maybe it's
the application, any tips?
Thanks so much! =)" -Deanna


First off, thank you SO much for writing in. I really enjoy conversing with the people who take the time to visit this blog. It is very rare I find more pleasure insomething as much as talking/working with makeup virgins.

Makeup virgins who can't drive!

Sorry I get easily distracted.

To first address the issue of covering acne scaring, I have a few suggestions for you:

1. Find a good exfoliating face wash to use 1-2 times a week. This will help lessen the scaring over time.
I lOVE Lancome's Pure Focus Exfoliator .

2. PLEASE use SPF on a daily basis if you are not already. It only makes scarring worse. Right now, I am using Biotherm's Sun Sensitive SPF .

3. Okay, now in terms of coverage, thank heavens for DERMABLEND's Smooth Indulgence Foundation! This stuff will cover anything. I myself also have scaring from acne (and years of not wearing sunscreen in high school) and I get compliments on my skin almost every time I wear this foundation.I always reccomend foundation be applied with a Foundation Brush.

Now, in terms of spicing up your makeup love life- know that you are not alone. The #1 thing I hear from women is “I have no idea what I am doing HELP!” So, here are a few suggestions to start:

1. PLAY. Have fun. Mess around with some inexpensive shadows until you get the hang of it. Maybe even before you shower at night, so you don’t have to worry about making “mistakes”. e.l.f has some amazing shadows & brushes for CHEAP. The quality is very high for the cost of their items. I will actually be reviewing one of their new palettes this week (that only costs FIVE BUCKS) so stay tuned!

2. Tutorials. Also every cosmetic brand has awesome tutorials available on their websites, You Tube or Facebook. M.A.C, e.l.f & Sephora have some really amazing ones. At Sephora you will find lots of brands now produce "Makeup Tutorial" pallets that come with the shadow, brushes & instructions on how to create a specific look! Check them out here.

3. Hire backup. Make an appointment during the week (when it is not busy) to sit down with a makeup artist at your favorite counter (I personally think Benefit does an amazing job with customer service). The weekends can get crazy busy and there just isn’t enough time for MUA to really give an antiquate lesson. Now, just because someone is standing behind a makeup counter does NOT mean they necessarily have a clue in the world. It could be their first day for all you know. So, what I would do is ask around to your girlfriends about who they have seen or ask to book your appointment with a counter manager. Will they expect you to buy? Yes. The common minimum purchase is 3 items or $50 for an hour long appointment. BUT you will walk away with hopefully 3 products you love and will feel confident using.

Now, I expect a report back once you feel your makeup cherry has been popped. Spare no details, I'm nosy ;)



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  2. Great, now I am going to have "Rollin with the homes" in my head all day! But thanks for the advice. I have pretty fair delicate skin so I try to use sunscreen at least on my face and shoulders if they are exposed. I'll have to go and buy some colors to play around with and spend some time on YouTube. It seems like I've been using Cover girl clean makeup for my entire life because i just didn't know what else to use, so I'm excited to try Dermablends, thank you! -Deanna