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Happy Friday! As previously mentioned in my post below, I am very excited to share the following (FIVE DOLLAR) eye pallet from e.l.f with you.

So there I was doing laps at Target (Target is so much cheaper than therapy) when I spy with my little eyes this gem:

Now, I haven't used many of e.l.f's shadows before because honestly, when I see a $5 price tag I kind of expect the quality to be one step above rubbing baby powder on my eyelids. Yet, I have used some of their face wipes & brushes before and been surprisingly impressed. I also have watched a few of their tutorials online & seen a few of their products featured on other blogs I stalk, so I figured- what the hell. What's five bucks, right? (Ignores side-eye from husband) There were four different "books" to choose from: Eye Brights (the one I bought), Neutral Eyes, Smoky Eyes & Lips.

Once arriving home I open the "book" to see an even more awesome little bonus, an instruction guide for Makeup Virgins on how to apply the shadows to achieve different looks. It even includes these adorable little diagrams.

So once I got over how cute this was I cracked open the shadows and started playing. The palette comes with 12 shadows, a small black eyeliner & travel eyeshadow applicator. Wait, the quality of these shadows kind of doesn't suck?...Which is surprising me because, like I said, for 5 bones- I don't expect much. I mean that is at least a 4th of what I normally pay PER SHADOW.  There are a few shades that are a little too chalky (I'm not one for sparkles) for my liking but I am happy with about half of the colors/consistency.

All in all I think this is a good buy. Would I throw out my case and only wear e.l.f shadows? Oh heeeeelllllllll naw, BUT not bad when considering the price. I think these palettes are ideal for someone who is just starting to wear makeup (Neutral Eyes would be perfect for a younger girl wanting to start wearing makeup to school) or someone who wants to spice up their eyeshadow wardrobe but doesn't want to spend too much money until they know what works for them.

Hope everyone has an epic weekend! I am looking forward to having a girls weekend in San Francisco for a good friend's bachelorette party. Here comes trouble :)

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  1. I am definitely going to be looking for this on my next trip to Target. Thanks for sharing.