You Asked For It.

Amber from Maryland asks, "I need a new everyday mascara. I want one that does not smudge and melt as the day goes on, but one that washes off easily, I do not like waterproof mascara. AND I want it to make my lashes look amazingly long and anything that fits the bill?
 Amber, have no fear- DiorShow is here.

I remember being just a wee lad at the cosmetic counter (still trying to act tough as to not get eaten alive by the other girls)  and the conversation of mascara arose. 
"Which do you use?" the giant red-headed psycho from Shiseido asked me. 
"Ummm...Benefit BADgal" I mumbled.
As I began looking up from the ground, there stood 5 cosmetic girls shaking their heads displeased with me.
"No." the ginger spouted. "No."
"Which do you guys use?" I whimpered as I started picking at my split ends. 
"DiorShow" they all said in unison. As if it was a no-brainer. As if to say, WHATTHEHELLISWRONGWITHYOUEVERYONEUSESDIORSHOWYOUMORON.

Once everyone had gotten over the fact that I was an idiot (Eyeroll) I tip toed over to the Dior counter, removed my BADGal lash and applied DiorShow. The gates of heaven opened and I saw Jesus himself floating on a puffy pink cloud toward me. What's that he is carrying in his hands? is it a DiorShow mascara wand? Oh, praises!

Mmmkay not really get the point. I'm kind of a #mascarawhore now, as it is my life goal to try every mascara on the planet, BUT if you want the creme de la creme baby, look no further. I hope this works wonders for you as I suspect it will, please let me know what you think.

Thank you so much for reading & writing in!!!!

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