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Happy Hump Day!
Remember me talking about Beauty Ticket a little bit ago? Well, here is another reason to check them out. Rock & Repbulic Couture Cosmetics now on sale! It is a VIP sale, so you must become a member of their website first (Why not? Its free!). 

Cruise over to Beauty Ticket for more details!

In other news, a few friends & I have decided to try and keep each other accountable, encourage and support one another to work out more! We have decided Wednesday is now officially WORKOUT WEDNESDAY (Aren't we cute?!)! Of course, Wednesday is not the only day I workout, but it is fun knowing you are sharing goals with others. It has been just about six months now since I have committed myself to living a healthy lifestyle. I am really starting to notice the difference physically and the benefits emotionally are indescribable! 

Here is my Workout Wednesday Music Mix for this week!

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