Simple Golden Smokey Eye Tutorial

This one goes out to my homegirls @the818 & @K_Rose22 aka (in the non-Twitter world) Morgan & Kathleen. So here it is as promised, a step-by-step guide to a golden smokey eye. 

First things first: Groom/fill brows. Personally, I always fill my brows with wax and powder. I am currently using:

-Cover entire eye area (from lid to under brow) with eyeshadow primer. I used  Benefit's Stay Don't Stray.

-Apply black or dark brown eyeliner in upper & lower water line as well as along the lash line. I LOVE Benefit's Get Bent Brush to apply liner with. It makes life so easy. I simply swipe the brush tip on the end on my Prestige Professional Eyeliner (black) then apply as I would with a pencil.

*Note: I got a few inquiries as to why I am putting on liner BEFORE shadow. For natural looks, I put liner before and smudge shadow into the liner to make it look less lined. When doing a more "going out look" I apply it after.

-Jude throws shoe at the back of Mommy's head. Continue.

 Yes, that black brush hair on my forehead is really happening. 

-Next, I generously applied M.A.C's Cocomotion pigment focusing on the crease area (see below) of my eyes. I use Stila's #2 shadow brush.

 -Now I load up my whole lower lid with LORAC's Serenity Eyeshadow (think shimmery pinky/bronze). You could also use a shimmery white or pink shadow.

-Jude has something on his face. Wait, what is that? Insert scene of me finding A DEAD M.F.ING FLY stuck to the side of Jude's cheek. Yes, it had been in his mouth.

-Vomit. Continue.

-Of course, we gotta highlight under our brows, so I generously swept an apparently nameless white matte shadow by Maybelline from the inner corner of my eye to the end of my brow.
-Can you tell I'm  still upset about the fly? Good.
-So we are done with eyeshadow for our "day" look. Next, concealer. I apply Benefit's Erase Paste with my favorite concealer brush by Stila.

-Time to apply a fair amount of mascara. Today I used Benefit's BadGal Brown mascara. I like this mascara (especially for summer) for two reasons: 1. It does not come off. Like, good luck taking it off without professional remover or cold cream. 2. I like deep brown for summer when I wear less makeup.
 *Note: I always crimp my lashes before applying eyeliner. Today I used an eyelash curler by Lancome, although I usually use 
Shu Uemura 24k Gold eyelash curler
-Before putting on bronzer I apply  

-I use this fan brush by e.l.f (Only $3!!!I used to use an expensive one from Benefit but then it died and I bought this one to hold me over until I could afford a new one and have yet to find a reason to need to replace it.) to apply bronzer.  To contour my face, I make the "fishy face" and brush the bonzer into the hollows of my cheeks. Then I swipe the brush lightly across the bridge of my nose, top of my forehead and bottom of my chin.

-Ya, I just got out of the shower so my hair isn't done.

-Lips: we are gonna take it way back to the old days of 1995. I promise we are going somewhere with this.

1. Cover lips with concealer. I use M.A.C's Studio Finish Concealer.
2. Outline your lips chola style with a nude lip pencil. I am using one by Model & Co.

Sexy, right?
-Now I take my index finger and blend the concealer & liner together.
-Then my son throws a tantrum because its nap time.
-Lastly I apply a golden peachy gloss, Sephora's Desert Gold.


-Okay, now what if we want to jazz this simple look up for gettin' yo freak on aka going into evening? No problem. Just simply dip your angle brush into some dark brown, copper or black and smudge it into your top & bottom lash line, like so:

Apparently I suck at applying makeup, taking a picture and singing Bootylicious to Jude all at once.

So basically adding the smokey brown amps your sex appeal as seen below. Listening to Bootylicious has the same effect ( X 'jillion).

Since this look is so "safe" you can easily add a bold, fun lip for day or evening. Y'all know how I love me some red lips so I choose M.A.C's Ladybug to wear today.

Not sure why this is blurry but alas we have reached our destination. Are you tired? Jude is.

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