Five Blogs I Stalk Daily

Hands down the blog I stalk the most. My day is no longer complete without visiting this site and gawking at all the beautiful home design, nursery and birthday party ideas. It inspires me and my family and I'm so happy to have found it. My favorite thing? No contest, the house "tours", like this home from Portland:
See the whole tour here.

Featured on this blog are by far the most creative and adorable parties and hosting ideas I have ever seen. 
The free printables & awesome giveaways don't hurt either.
Party planning becomes a true art form on this site.

Like for example this "Orange & Chocolate" birthday party:
Or this "Cirque de Bebe" Baby shower:

Its no secret that if Sephora was a leg and I was a dog, I'd hump it. So naturally, this is my FAVORITE beauty blog to read. The blog features new products, awesome tutorials, informative v-logs, interesting articles, great beauty tips & fun ideas for spicing up your makeup life. 

Karen (your friendly neighborhood makeup addict) brings fun to exploring the latest and greatest in the beauty world. I like to visit M&BB to see new products and of course, enter the giveaways! For example today's chance to win a M.A.C Dare to Wear eyeshadow!
Find out how to win here.

Admittedly, I may be slightly bias as Morgan from The 818 is my home girl BUT her popularity among others will prove her blog street cred. If that isn't enough perhaps her BlohHer nomination for "Voice of the year" will? The 818 brings you style, sincerity & hilarity. 
Follow the modern life of Morgan, Scott and the adorable little miss Dee. 

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